A Styling Guide to Achieve the Coziest Living Room


A Styling Guide to Achieve the Coziest Living Room 

5 simple tips to design your dream living room space. Photo by Andrea Davis / Unsplash.

Here in Canada  – especially during the long cold winter months, we need to take our coziness, and living room time very seriously! I mean, who doesn’t love an extra cozy living room? Aside from being Interior Designers, we are also specialists in all things Hygge.

Have you ever heard of the term Hygge? Hygge – pronounced “hoo-guh”, is a Scandinavian word for a mood of coziness and comfort, with feelings of wellness and contentment.

We want you to make the most hygge out of your lounge space this winter, so we made this quick living room styling guide for your own inspiration!

Comfort is King

When selecting the larger pieces of furniture, always go for functionality and comfort. Nothing is worse than ordering your ‘dream couch’ only for it to arrive and be as comfortable as a tree stump. These days there are so many great places to shop, so you shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice style over comfort ever again! 

When ordering large pieces online, make sure you read reviews of other customers. Most places can also provide fabric swatches so you can feel the fabrics, and match them to your space.  

The cloud-soft comfort and the added console provide comfort and functionality to any space. Photo courtesy of Albany Park, Kova L-Shape Sectional + Console.

Textures Galore 

A calming, comfortable, and cozy living room doesn’t always have to be layered with lots of furnishings. You can achieve the same cozy feel by using rich textures and shapes. A plush rug, like this Bogota Rug from Style In Form, is easy on the eyes and soft on the feet. Soft blankets and pillows are also an easy way to add different textures to your space, and it’s a budget and storage-friendly way to have fun with colour or swap out with the seasons. 

Photo: Bogota Rug from Style In Form

More Pillows and Blankets Please!

If we could have it our way, there would never be enough pillows or throw blankets. The name of the game is COZY after all. Having extra pillows around is perfect for when having guests over because they can double as floor seats! 

Throw pillows and blankets are so versatile and can help make a space more cohesive with your other decor. When the blankets aren’t in use, they are a great styling piece to place over the arm or back of a chair or sofa. We are currently loving the colourful and fun pillows and throws at Urban Outfitters.

A cozy mix of textures. Photo courtesy of Good Space Plans Online Project: Seymour Street

The Flicker of a Flame 

When it’s cold outside there is nothing cozier than sitting by a warm fireplace. Even electric fireplaces are a good option to provide warmth, ambiance and relaxation… No fireplace? No problem! Opt for a nice candle, or check out West Elm’s Yule Log Videos! The crackle of a fire, and a glass of wine – need we say more?

Pops of colour you can change with the seasons. Photo courtesy of Good Space Plans Online: Gray Avenue

Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to make the most of your living room and for you to soak in all of the Hygge this winter.  

Need some help beyond this guide? Book a consultation with us today to begin transforming your home for the holiday season and beyond! 

Photo courtesy of Dwaina Sprauge Interior Design Project: Renewed Spaces – Lion’s Bay


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