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Do you have a home project that needs more than interior design?

Maybe your bathroom is tired or isn’t functioning for you? Does your kitchen discourage you from cooking or entertaining? Are you tired of apologizing for the running toilet in your powder room? 

If you want to feel fully prepared for your renovation, we have a Good Space Plan Online for that.

Did you know we offer online home renovation plans? 

That’s right, we’ve been doing interior design plans since Good Space came into the world in 2007. We work with you to bring the vision you have for your home into a reality. Now through our trusted online interior design process, we are able to support clients across the country. Meet our newest service, Online Renovation Plans! We are now offering Online Renovation Plans for kitchens and bathrooms to help empower you as the project manager to understand the design, instruct trades, maintain a timeline and stick to a well-defined budget. 

A Good Space Renovation Plan Online is perfect for spaces where you are limited to the changes to your kitchen and bathroom that are possible. Online plans are great because they work with your existing footprint. In the construction world, these are called “Re and Re”, “Remove and Replace”.

What is the difference between a Furnishing Plan and Renovation Plan?

Furnishing Plan

A Good Space Plan Online furnishing is a process focusing on YOU, your  space planning and function. Addressing everything that will go on your floors, walls, windows and ceilings; lighting and all the goods for your living spaces. We work with items you might want to keep, support the letting go of what you’re ready to move on from and select anything new required to complete your space. We will show you how it fits and exactly where to buy it.  Typically it is not messy to implement your Good Space furnishing plan – a bit dusty – probably some drop-sheets for painting but there is no demolition.

Renovation Plan 

A Good Space Plan Online Renovation is a process focusing on YOU, your space planning and function. We address and specify the floors, walls, windows and ceiling – fixtures,  finishes, materials, equipment, lighting and provide you with a full Interior Design construction drawing set ready for you to get competitive bids and quotes on your renovation project. 

If you are hiring a General Contractor, your Renovation Plan is your contract and agreement with them.

If you are the General Contractor or Project Manager, your Renovation Plan is how you will do all your budgeting, timing, purchasing and hiring and instructing trades.

Implementing your Good Space Renovation plan is going to get messy – although typically a “Remove and Replace” project does not involve significant demolition, there is still some demo, dust and noise, but you will be well prepared for it and the final result will be absolutely worth it! 

Our online home renovation process


Our client’s kitchen renovation with Good Space Plans

Self-isolating? Or too busy to come to meetings? No problem!! Our full attention and creative energy will be with you in your home but our physical selves won’t. Our renovation planning process follows the same steps as all our Good Space Plan Services, including:

    • Access to your password-protected Project Portal 
    • Completing your Good Space Portal Tasks
    • Series of Online Meetings with your dedicated Interior Designer reviewing your submitted information and the Good Space Plan we have created to prepare you to achieve the goals you have for your home.

Along with your Interior Design construction drawing set & specification package in your Good Space Online Renovation Plan, you will also receive guides on how to manage your project. How to vet and hire a tradesperson, glossary of terms with Interior Design terminology, lighting tips and tons of information to educate and empower you for your upcoming project.

What makes Good Space renovations different? 

Years of experience 

In the last few months, a lot of interior designers and home renovation companies have shifted focus to online design. We’ve been a trusted local interior design firm since 2007 and offering Online Interior e-design services since 2014. We’ve worked through the kinks and sanded down the edges over the years to make our services approachable, accessible, affordable and achievable. Not to mention fun to our Interior Designers and clients. 

We put the focus on YOU

We take the time to have your dedicated Interior Designer learn more about you, how you live and the goals you have for your home. The central focus of each Good Space Plan Online we create us about our client YOU. At the end of the day, we want you to feel at ease and utterly happy in your space. 

We do Re & Re renovations for any kitchen or bathroom in apartments, condos or single-family units. 

If you live in an apartment or condo, you may have certain structural restrictions – did you know you may have a concrete ceiling and floor?  If that’s the case, don’t fret, you can still renovate. Your Good Space Renovation Plan Online has the information you may require for your strata and any permitting needed to complete your renovation

No matter what kind of home or space you live in, we can support you. 

Contact us about your next home renovation project 

Before you rip out your toilet or kitchen sink, find out more about our online kitchen and bathroom renovation plans by requesting our “Your Space” plan. Tell us your renovation plans in the comment section. Add in some images and we’ll respond to your questions along with a quote. 

So, are you ready to begin your spring renovation project? We can’t wait to help you renovate your space. We empower you with a Good Space Plan Online that is achievable and affordable.


Spring cleaning Tips from the Home Experts

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Spring cleaning tips from the home experts


Longer daylight hours are finally upon us and the sunshine is (hopefully) here to stay. But, those gorgeous warm rays are going to highlight all the dust and dirt in our homes! Time for some spring cleaning tips from the home expert team at Good Space Plans Online!

We’re going to share some of our favourite decluttering and spring cleaning tips, and how you can incorporate Spring 2020 home decor trends into your home. 

As you declutter to make room for new furniture, it can be nervewracking making sure it all fits. Subscribe to our newsletter and get our easy to follow free delivery guide to make sure you never sweat a delivery again. spring-cleaning-tips

Cleaning tips for Spring

Spring cleaning can seem like a gargantuan task so many of us avoid it! Like any big task, breaking it down into manageable chunks can make a huge difference and helps increase the likelihood that we’ll actually do it. 

Here are some of our favourite tips to make spring cleaning easier this year:

  • Declutter first: Decluttering your spaces can make a quick, noticeable difference. Seeing how much cleaner your home can be when you get rid of things you don’t need, can be a great motivator to keep tidying and cleaning! That’s why we always suggest decluttering as our first spring cleaning tip. 
  • Use a checklist: Do you love the satisfaction of crossing stuff off your to-do list? Then make a list of everything you want to clean and check it off as you go along. Here is a handy spring cleaning checklist you can start with. 
  • Break it up: If your list looks too daunting, break it into chunks. You could do a few tasks every day, do it one room at a time, or group similar cleaning tasks together. 
  • Work top to bottom: Try to clean higher areas first. This way if dust and debris fall down, you won’t have to re-clean areas you’ve already done!
  • Consider green: When possible, consider eco-friendly cleaners for your home. A steam cleaner is a great, chemical-free way to clean sofas and floors. 
  • Hire help: Who says you have to clean your own house! Hire a reputable cleaning company to clean the things you don’t want to!

When you finish any big cleaning job, reward yourself! Maybe you can go out for dinner (as a bonus this means no dirty dishes tonight). Break open a bottle of special wine. Book yourself in for a special spa treatment. But of course, the BEST reward is just walking around in a clean, clutter-free home!

And, now that your home has been tidied and cleaned, it’s time to bring the Spring inside your home. Next, we’ll look at what spring 2020 design trends we’re expecting.

Spring home decor trends for 2020

Iona Drive Project

Iona Drive Project

Spring signifies rebirth and fresh starts and this year’s home decor trends are no exception. This session we’re expecting design trends that create new space for new energy and rebirth.

Here are some spring home decor trends from House Beautiful:

  • Pops of pink: Picking a bright accent colour is a great way to easily celebrate the season. This spring, we’re expecting pink to be a popular colour. It’s fresh, bright, and can be easily worked into your room as an accent pillow, throw, rug, or fun decor item. 
  • Pendant lights: Pendant lights have long been a popular home decor trend, but this season we’re going to see them in larger clusters. Perhaps you could add them around a traditional chandelier over your dining table. We’re also going to see more pendant lighting made from natural materials. 
  • Floral wallpaper and wall decals: We’re not talking tacky turn-of-the-century floral wallpaper, instead, look forward to larger floral patterns and designs. They are sure to become a great conversation piece at your next housewarming or party.
  • Neutral walls: If floral wallpaper is too loud for your style, then choose a neutral wall colour. It will stand the test of time and work with virtually any furniture and seasonal decor you bring into the room. 
  • Bird decor: Following in the natural and floral themes of Spring 2020, we’re expecting to see whimsical touches of bird-themed decor around the home. 
  • Rattan pieces: Furniture made from rattan palms add great natural-looking textures to your space. Look for Rattan furniture in either vintage or modern-looking designs based on your design style. 
  • Mixed metals: Don’t be afraid to mix different metal fixtures and hardware in your home. We’ve seen some great kitchens with miss-matched knobs and handles. To avoid too much chaos, pick either a finish, colour, or shape to be consistent, and then mix and match other qualities.

Sometimes after doing your spring cleaning, you may notice that it’s also time to buy new furniture for your home! 

We always love to support local and Canadian designers and manufacturers, so we recommend:

When you do choose to buy new furniture, be sure it can actually fit in your space. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had people come to us saying they bought a new sofa or dresser and couldn’t get it inside their home!

To avoid this, download our free guide to ensuring a smooth furniture delivery this spring. 

And if you need help to redesign and reimagine your new home spaces, contact us to book a Good Space Plan.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

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11 Ways To Make Your Bedroom The Perfect Relaxation Room

Ever since I was a kid, my bedroom was my kingdom and my sanctuary. My bed becomes an island oasis in the sea of life’s complexities. 

My favourite thing to do in my home is to take refuge in my bed. I use this time to read, watch TV or meditate and just sit in silence. I’ve invested in soft linens, duvet and even an inclining bed to make my room the Ferrari of comfort. I’ve even hung out with my friends in my bedroom because everyone enjoys how cozy this room has become. 


My favourite thing to do in my home is to get cozy in my bed where I read, watch TV or sometimes just sit in silence. My super soft bedding and my inclining bed make it the Ferrari of all beds for reading or watching TV. I even hang out in my bed with friends and watch TV because it’s such a cozy room. ~JP. Good Space Design

As a home designer I am always surprised when clients think their bedroom is the least important room in their house. Not only do you spend a third of your life sleeping, but you begin and end your day in your bedroom (and yes open loft living is still counted as your bedroom). Wouldn’t you want this space where you go to sleep and wake up to nurture you and fuel you before you head out the door and into your busy life?

Creating a space that promotes calmness, physical intimacy, good sleep and overall rejuvenation is vital to your happiness, good health and good performance. It can even contribute to your everyday success. 

How can you create a bedroom sanctuary? The following is a list to create a perfect sleep environment which coincidentally produces a perfect climate for all the other important bedroom activities.

11 Ways To Make Your Bedroom The Perfect Sanctuary:

1. Privacy

If at all possible have a door on your bedroom, ideally with a lock. The sense of your own private realm is very powerful. A door also helps with controlling sound and temperature, children and pets….

2. Mattress

The perfect bed has a mattress that is comfortable for you. It is personal and never wrong if it fits your body and gives you a good night sleep. How often to replace the mattress is always up to you. When it isn’t comfortable any more – change it. Take good care of it, if the manufacturer says rotate it then do that. Keep it covered with a good dust mite resistant mattress pad. Don’t complain about your mattress, get a new one.

3. Pillows

Pillows are important for good sleeping posture, and if you find you’re constantly scrunching it and folding it to get a better sleep then it is time to buy a new one. Consider whether you want a soft pillow, such as a down, or a firm one, such as cotton or latex. Synthetic and polyester are less expensive and will need replacing more frequently. Look at the fill power of a pillow to see how long it will last. A 600 fill is the sign of a high quality synthetic or down filled pillow. Memory foam is excellent for conforming to your individual shape, however can retain more heat. If you get hot easily, this may not be the right one for you. To learn more about pillows, read this handy guide to pick the right one for you.


Seymour Street Bedroom Pillows from Good Space Portfolio.

4. Sheets

Get two sets of sheets and pillowcases that feel good on your skin. Silk sheets are more than luxurious feel, they also have many beauty and health benefits for the skin. Naturally hypoallergenic, silk repels various environmental allergens. And, while cotton fibers absorb oils and creams from your face, silk repels moisture, allowing your skin to keep the natural oils on your skin. Silk also naturally regulates your body temperature, allowing you to feel more comfortable for a good night’s sleep. 

5. Duvets

Duvets are better than comforters, mostly because the covers can be washed often. Select a duvet that is perfect for you. At Good Space we are frequently faced with couple sleeping problems, such as our clients Thrasher and Stillness, who share a king size bed. For them we chose two extra-long twin width duvets in simple duvet covers. Each of them has their own duvet and peace prevails. We covered the whole bed with a beautiful coverlet that conceals the two separate duvets. If you share your bed with a hottie or a chilly you can actually have your duvet in a half and half format. The duvet is lighter on one side for the hottie and heavier on the other for the chilly.  Put this duvet in a beautiful soft cover and nobody knows except you!

6. Decorations

Anyone who looks at our portfolio will see that we do put decorative pillows on beds. However, I believe they should be kept to a minimum and ideally have a purpose, like hiding the wrinkly sleeping pillows. Anything else should be there to make you happy, like a beautiful fabric or a colour that delights you. Ideally, it doesn’t take you long to make or unmake your bed.


Connaught Drive Bedroom. From the Good Space Design Portfolio.

7. Temperature

A cool dark room is optimum for good sleeping. Window treatments are a great way to do this, and lined drapes are the perfect window treatment for bedrooms. They are ideal for diminishing acoustics in a room and fantastic insulators and light controllers. If you get lots of sun during the day close them before you leave home. This helps keep the room cool during the day. 

8. Colour

Consider which colours make you feel the most serene. Colours that appear in nature can be warm like driftwood or cool like the winter sky. What is a shade that you relate to? That relaxes you? Choose a paint palette to express your desired outcome in your bedroom. 

For instance, soothing neutrals, such as ivory, taupe, grey and white can be complemented with splashes of colour in bedding, carpeting and artwork. Peaceful pastels, such as soft blues, lavenders, pinks and greens can create a watery coastal retreat. Or if you want to express passion and energy, consider dark greens, reds, or corals. Be careful if choosing a dark palette, as navy and black can make a room feel extra small. Also, be creative as not every wall needs to be the same colour. One wall can be your accent while the others are a lighter colour.

9. Lighting

The best bedrooms have great light control. You can manage the natural light with window treatments and the rest you do with fixtures. Put a dimmer on every switch that controls a light fixture in your bedroom. Great bedside lamps are important whether you read in bed or not. Choose dimmable lamps or add a cord dimmer. Lamps on dimmers are great for creating ambiance. Include an accessible outlet or extension cord or power bar by each side of the bed. It makes life so much easier for clocks and charging devices. If your lamps don’t come dimmable, put your bedside lamps on a cord like the Dimma cord dimmer switch from Ikea.


Gordon Ave Bedroom featuring what we consider the perfect bedside lamp, the Holtkötter 6469 on either side of bed. From Good Space Design Portfolio.

10. Order

If you have piles of junk, dirty laundry or work stuff piled in your room then you are creating chaos in your sacred space that will cause a ripple effect in your wellbeing. Create a system or hire a professional organizer or a good interior designer to create order in your bedroom. 

Lack of storage is the frequent lament we hear from our Good Space clients. Thankfully, storage systems are in abundance now and products like lift storage beds that used to be a pricy custom option are now offered at most furniture retailers. The growing awareness in the value of order combined with smaller living spaces has driven furniture manufacturers to respond to the demand. Check out the Malm from Ikea for just under $400.

11. The Elephant In The Room…

The debate about a TV in the bedroom is one we meet often in our work in residential interior design. I encourage people to limit their use of screen entertainment in their bedroom, including the TV, phone, iPad and electronic reading. I believe the bedroom is a place of intimacy and peacefulness and a TV can destroy the connection to your quieter self and whoever is with you in your bedroom. As for device reading in bed, the news is not good. There are an increasing number of studies concluding that reading on a tablet, smartphone or other device before bed is not only detrimental to your nights sleep but can affect your overall health. For more on this check out this article on reading before bed from the Huffington Post.

Your Sanctuary and Your Success

When designing a bedroom I want to create a space that nurtures the people who will use that room. Once the functional aspects are met, layering in the surface textures and art that enrich and fill the souls of my clients is deeply gratifying. Our goal is to make a bedroom your place of refuge, and one that promotes calmness, physical intimacy and good night’s sleep for overall rejuvenation. A place to begin and end your day with success.

Let us help you with your bedroom design. Contact us for a free estimate.