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Good Space Interior Design Travels the Sunshine Coast


picture by vancouver online interior designer of sunset on sunshine coastI love spending time on the Sunshine Coast. We’re lucky to live in a province with so much natural beauty and space. I’m in constant awe and inspiration when I’m there. The freshness in the air, the endless expanse of the coast, the silence. All these things help inspire my interior design firm when I come back to the bustling city. 

My partner’s family has a cabin there. I have had the opportunity to go up every year for the past 6 years. We try to make it our annual routine to get out; each time I do, I explore something new. As an interior design firm owner I love exploring all the distinctive shops and restaurants as well as other natural sights. Check out our top 5 favourite things to do on the sunshine coast below.

beautiful interior designed sushi bar on sunshine coast

Courtesy of Sushi Bar Nagomi

1. Grab sushi at Sushi Bar Nagomi

This is the sweetest little sushi bar in Gibsons, with a fabulous layout and exceptional sushi. Being right on the coast makes sure that everything is fresh and all made in house. The owners are so lovely as well. The name, Nagomi 和味 has 2 meanings: The Japanese Kanji letters stand for authentic taste and its pronunciation means cozy and peaceful. This fits this sushi bar perfectly! Not to mention the interior design is stunning and so comfortable. 

Courtesy of Sunshine Coast Olive OIl

2. Stock up on olive oils at Sunshine Coast Olive Oil

A local favourite in Gibsons, this store has some of the most beautiful kinds of vinegar and oils ever. They let you sample everything and they offer so many fantastic recipes. My favourite would have to be the Lime Olive Oil and the face cream they make is heavenly. If you can’t make the trip, they also order online and do a wonderful job of shipping it safely to you. 

3. Next stop, the Elfinstone Rock and Gem shop in Roberts Creek.

I love this shop. They have some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and stones all made from local stones and gems. They also have a massive geode on display that gets used for festivals. It is so large the owner mentioned that it damaged an axel of the vehicle just transporting it! They also have crystal bowls and metal drums for you to try out. I highly recommend checking them out. 


4. Next, Sunshine Coast Wood Expo

We try to time our trips in September so we can all go to the Sunshine Coast Wood Expo in Sechelt. This is always the highlight of our trip. The artists every year just keep getting better and better. There is so much variety and beauty in everything that is created. My favourite part is hearing how each artist collects and gathers the wood they use in a sustainable way. They have some fantastic stories. If you can make it to the coast in September, you should make a trip to Sechelt for the wood Expo.

5. Finish up at Sunstone Gems & Jewelry shop in Sechelt

My recent passion has been making beaded stone bracelets and necklaces. This year I came across the Sunstone Gems & Jewelry shop in Sechelt. This store had some of the most well-curated beads and stones I have seen. Their price point is fantastic and you will leave with some beautiful pieces. 


I believe that as city dwellers it’s important to take time away from the hustle and bustle and center yourself in nature’s bliss. The people of the sunshine coast are kind and steady people who have a deep sense of community with each other. It’s these qualities that I try to bring to our wonderful clients of Good Space Plans Online. If you would like to read more about enjoying nature in style, check out our glamping blog here

Let’s Honour Our Home & Work Spaces


Let’s Honour our Home & Work Space 

Have you watched the Netflix series Tidy?

I did, in one sitting with a big bowl of popcorn and all the candy I got for Christmas…apparently, I am not alone. Millions have watched it. The drop-off centres are being flooded by stuff that people were inspired to get rid of after watching the series. Like most people, I love a before and after – a makeover montage is absolute bliss for me second only to dance montages. 

I became a fan of Marie Kondo years ago, when I read her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It made me so happy! I was ecstatic to find a new way to fold my socks and shirts and create
order in my drawers and closets. I believe I am pretty good at organi
zing and sorting stuff and competent at creating order. Like Marie Kondo, containment is my mantra. When I organize stuff and I can usually let things go after some personal torment and indecisiveness. But Marie is next level good at it. What makes her next level good at it is that she makes the connection to the “spirit” of things and how we connect to that. What sparks joy? Or what moves you – how does it speak to you?
As an interior designer I enjoyed watching her interact with clientsI felt Marie Kondo’s frustration (although she is so lovely you could hardly tell she was firmly saying NO) with the client who wanted Marie to make all the clutter disappear but didn’t actually want to get rid of anything. I have had that client and I have been that client. I have compassion for how hard it is to let go of things! She takes people through the letting it go journey with notable compassion and I love that!
But, the thing that Marie Kondo does that moved me to tears in almost every episode, was how she stops and connects to the home. She sits and gives it her full attention – she listens to it. She humbly sits and asks for permission to be there and work on the space. In my opinion, this is how it should be done. Let’s honour our spaces, they give us shelter and bear witness to our lives. To give gratitude to that place that holds our memories and all our stuff! Thanking all the things that have served us as we pass them along to their next home. This is truly how we should be in our homes and how we should interact with our things. 

I believe our live and work spaces have their own spirits. I believe that we feel much more at home when we keep that in our consciousness. Remember and acknowledge that this place – no matter what bugs you about it, is sheltering and caring for you. That is truly worth of your notice and appreciation. A recent Design Sponge blog by Grace Bonney put it perfectly when she said, “love your home for exactly what it is right now.” Take a moment from time to time and feel that – say hello home when you walk in the door. Look at something you love in your home and thank it. Spark joy! How can that be anything but good?

Styling a Room – What Does That Mean?


Styling a room versus filling it with crap… there is a book for that.

During my most recent  book shop crawl I found this gem of a book called Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves by Emily Henderson. If you have art and travel treasures and things you love and find beautiful and meaningful and want to display them in a way that honours them and inspires you then this book is for you!

Define Styling…

Interior design is a mix of technical work and artistry. I define “styling” for our clients as placing and arranging all their art, collections, books and “treasures”. Styling with art and objects that have beauty and meaning. This is the perfect way to finish a technically well planned space. Styling a room is like the jewellery on an outfit. It finishes it and adds soul to the space. It reflects the most important thing about your space which is you.

What I believe:

I believe the things you have in the room should have meaning and value to you.  In that they make you happy or remind you of people or experiences that feed your soul. Things that inspire you with their beauty or function. The bags of knick knacks from home decor shops dragged into your home in the hope of injecting this feeling is futile. I strongly discourage it! Personally I am not a fan of over doing “stuff” in a room. Stuff for stuff sake or “shelf shit” as my friend calls it detracts rather than enriches a space. An empty shelf or table top is better than one that is filled with things that mean nothing to you.

How Good Space Plans Online deal with Styling:

We have worked out a way to help our Good Space Plans Online clients with styling. Good Space can do that when we are not in the same city  let alone the same room!  There is a great styling section in the Good Space online plans that we create for our clients. I know this is really helpful for hanging art and placing treasures

Happy Styling!


Interior Design for Small Spaces – A Good Space Plans Online Four Part Series – Part 3


The Design of Your Bedroom in a Small Space.

Good Space Plan's Online

When is bed more than a bed?

Good Space Design Group - 160th Project

When it has integrated storage! How much stuff is under your bed? True confessions are that mine doesn’t have an inch of space left under there! That is why we love a lift storage bed – these add an amazing amount of storage and function. The reason a lift storage bed is usually the best option for small spaces is that it goes up and not out like drawers. Storage beds with drawers when opened require space around the bed, often in small spaces this isn’t possible. Well designed lift storage beds allow some toe space under them. If you have ever smashed your toes on the bed you will know what we mean.  There are wood and upholstered options so lots of creative possibilities.

Tip: A lighter weight mattress is best for a storage bed – especially a king!

Where does my coffee go?

Anmore Project - Good Space Design Group

Bedside tables also have potential for storage. The key is get the height right – you don’t want to reach up from your mattress to your bedside table top. These can be freestanding or wall mounted – we think the surfaces should be durable or at least have a tray for protecting the top from a hot coffee mug – because a cozy coffee or tea in bed is the best!

Bedside lighting is for next week…
Your bedroom or your sleeping space is sacred space and worth taking the time to select the best things for you and your bedroom experiences.

Next week: let’s talk about Lighting…

Interior Design for Small Spaces – A Good Space Plans Online Four Part Series – Part 2


Multi Purpose Furniture for Designing Your Small Space

Furniture for small spaces has become the norm and much easier to find! Smart and creative multi use pieces make a huge difference when furnishing a small space.

Extendable Dining Tables – are not a new idea for small spaces 

Extendable Dining Table_ Good Space   

Anyone who remembers digging in the back of a closet or under the bed for those heavy wood “leafs”? Then you will appreciate a self storing dining table. There are wood and glass top options of expandable dining tables. Both styles have “leaf” storage integrated into the table itself. This smart table reserves your precious storage spaces like the closet and under the bed for better things.

Dining Chairs  – have more potential than you think…

Comfortable Dining Chairs_Good Space

Whenever possible we choose dining chairs that can also  be used as a task chair and living area seating. Chairs designed with accommodating or soft seats and backs with handsome upholstery transition from purpose to purpose and room to room seamlessly, and they don’t have to be huge to be comfortable. Chairs with low backs keep them from taking up visual space.

Dining Room_Good Space Project

That snappy trendy little chair that looks fantastic in a magazine or showroom… may not be fantastic for sitting through dinner and a movie or responding to all your emails. Summing up… a good dining chair is a worthwhile investment for your small space.

Next week: let’s go to the bedroom