Affiliate Program

Did you ever wish you had a partner who could provide design services to clients looking for Interior Design on a smaller budget? Someone to give them the same great service you would at a price designed to meet their design services budget?

As full-service interior designers ourselves, we know how disappointing it is to have to pass on a client’s project due to limited budgets. That’s why we created Good Space, to provide online interior design services – décor, space planning and furnishing – to clients whose budgets do not allow for the full service that an interior designer provides.

We’re here to help. 

Good Space Plans Online – E-Design Affiliate Program

We are inviting our full service interior design community to refer clients who do not fall within their business model, to our online design services. In addition to knowing that your clients are in good hands, we’ll also provide you with a referral fee.

Good Space is an online interior design company founded and located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We have over 14 years in business doing full-service interior design work for Vancouver clients using our unique Good Space Plan process.

Due to the success, we started offering Good Space Plans Online in 2014 to clients anywhere in Canada and the US. We developed a software as part of our website that allows clients to purchase and work with us online through their own private portal that contains all communications and documents exchanged with our clients. It is our unique online project management tool.

Our online template allows us to create a customized, comprehensive design plan developed for the individual client. The plan is presented in a working document for the client to implement as their time and budget allows. These plans are incredibly well received by our clients as an affordable and empowering alternative to the full service model.

Good Space Plans are presented to the client in a beautiful virtual binder full of everything the client needs to manage and oversee their project.

Their Good Space Plan Online is a custom design plan for the rooms we are working on, fully specified with a to-scale space plan showing new and any pieces they wanted to keep. We detail everything that goes on the floors, walls, windows and ceilings with all the specifications and where to purchase or who to hire. All the items in their plan are linked to online or accessible retailer options to purchase.

We space plan, light plan and specify materials, furniture, fixtures and finishes for every aspect of their projects… and make sure the clients understand the why of every single thing in their plan.

We take care of our clients through a holistic respectful and highly detailed process. The clients are fully involved and engaged through the process. Ongoing support is always available long after their plan is delivered using our “concierge” service to help them at any time with challenges that may come… as they sometimes do.

As a referring affiliate:

  • You will have peace of mind knowing that the lovely people you send to us will be treated with dignity, respect and have a fantastic experience. They’ll receive an implementable design plan, work with an interior designer and have a support team to see them to the final 10%!
  • You’ll have an additional service to offer your clients by having an E-Design link on your website – we will know they came from you, saving you from having to “sell” or pitch the service.
  • We’ll provide you with the support materials you’ll need should you prefer the in-person referral to Good Space Plans Online.
  • As a thank you for your referrals, you will receive 12% commission on the before-tax price of the completed and delivered plan your referral client purchases (Affiliate payments made quarterly. Payment paid after full payment received from client).

Become part of our growing collaborative community of interior designers – we would be delighted to work with you.

Please feel free to call us or email us for a chat and help with any question you may have. We would love to connect!

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