Gordon Avenue

Good Space Plan

These clients had their architecturally beautiful home custom-designed and built a few years ago, and were ready to freshen it up and refurnish some of the rooms. They followed their Good Space Plan with great care and coordinated all the buying, installation and trades themselves. In the living room, the two Le Corbusier chairs and the piano were the only furniture the clients kept; in the dining room, the table, buffet and bar stools. Good Space designed a new layout for the living room and selected all of the new furniture and lighting as well as the area rug. We chose new paint colours for the interior walls throughout the home and wallpaper for the master bedroom feature wall. New accent lighting was selected for all the rooms we designed. In the dining area we chose new dining chairs to complement the original dining table. In the powder room a new wall colour, art and some fresh styling ideas were all that was required to accent this already lovely room. We chose new bedding for the master bedroom, added lighting, custom-designed the night tables and of course chose the wallpaper.