Gray Avenue

Good Space Plan

This Good Space Plan project focused on the upstairs lounge and TV room of Terry and Kar-Lai, the beautiful stars of our client video. They followed the Plan for their brand-new home meticulously and made us very proud! They did all their own buying, oversaw installation and hired trades. Terry and Kar-Lai wanted a multipurpose room that would function in several ways – which was a challenge due to the tricky shape of the room. We created the layout and selected all the furniture and lighting to accommodate the different functions required of the space. We designed the audio-visual millwork using IKEA components and designed the floating shelves to be custom built by a craftsperson. We designed all the window treatments to add beauty and texture to the space while controlling light and temperature. We chose the wallpaper behind the floating shelves for the subtle, but beautiful, effect it has on the room.