Heritage Home

Heritage Home

Through the Years

When you’re a busy family with twin daughters, and many pets, things are bound to get a bit hectic around the house. Toys left on the floor become tripping hazards, tidying efforts become irrelevant within minutes, and white walls don’t stand a chance. You want to welcome your friends and family with cozy dinner parties, but you also know all the furniture in your home runs the risk of a juice spillage and dog hair at any given time. 

These were the current concerns of these treasured clients. We have worked with them  for over fourteen years and watched their needs and priorities evolve as a family. It has been our delight  to work with them to redesign their entire house into a space they are proud to call home.

2007: A Little Help from Good Space

Our clients first reached out to us in 2007 as a couple that just became proud parents of two dogs and a vintage Vancouver bungalow. Their goal was to make their home functional, fun and comfortable while they enjoyed their new dogs and developed their newly launched careers. 

In 2007, what they felt was the best service was the Good Space Plan. A bespoke comprehensive interior design plan that they would implement themselves. Through our design process, we got to know their goals and vision for their home while gaining a better understanding of their comforts, concerns, and personalities. The initial plan included a unique layout for the entry and living room with new furniture, custom built-ins and lighting choices that fit the vibes of their Bungalow. It was also important to feature some of their unique art. Our clients then followed their Good Space Plan and did all the buying, installation and hiring of trades on their own. 

2011: The Move & First Renovation

Fast forward to 2011, our clients are now the proud parents of twin daughters, two dogs and a house they have outgrown. They called us to help them make their new home – a partially renovated heritage home in Vancouver, better suited to their needs and lifestyle.  

The main floor was the focus of this renovation. The kitchen was lacking function & storage and a complete gut renovation wasn’t in their budget at that time. The entry needed more storage and the living & dining area needed to serve their family’s social needs. The design added white cabinets in the kitchen, entry and dining room, with a functional banquet seat in the kitchen

Over in the living room, our clients were looking to add another layer of warmth to the more social area of their home. We re-arranged their existing furniture from their Bungalow to sit around the newly designed fireplace and mantle.

2019/20: The Final Project

Nearly ten years after their initial renovation, our clients were once again ready for a refresh. Working with our sister company, Dwaina Sprague Interior Design, we planned a full-scale renovation to bring our clients’ new vision to life. The size of the kitchen was always an issue. We needed to open up the space!

The kitchen area needed to serve as not only the cooking zone but also the after school/after work cozy zone. What ended up happening, the kitchen is now where the living room used to be, the living room was once a kitchen and we bumped the house out for even MORE space.  We added a large new window into the bumped out space.  The brand new kitchen had some must-have features for our clients including: two dishwashers, laundry chute, reach-in pantry that also features the retained stained glass and lots of storage and cooking space. DSID custom designed the built-in kitchen table, fabricated by the wonderful team at Bloom Furniture Studio.

The cozy corner in the living room features a white Jotul fireplace and some of the house’s original stained glass along with the client’s unique art.

In the dining room we added a built-in wall to wall banquet seating bench. Deep and filled with luxurious pillows, suiting their casual and cozy lifestyle. 

Aside from cooking and entertaining, our clients have picked up many hobbies through the years. We turned the basement into a multipurpose space, complete with a large flatscreen TV and sound system, music corner, craft storage and small home workspace. Did we mention it also has a guest room? We even installed a flexible murphy bed from Arbutus Furniture.

After fourteen years of working together, we truly feel they are family and its been our pleasure to participate in creating their home. 

We have hired Good Space for several extensive projects on our three homes over the years. The Good Space team is always a complete joy to work with. They are professional, reliable, in-the-know, experienced, personable, stylish, attentive, up-to-date and well connected in the trades and all aspects of the design business. I trust Dwaina Sprague and her team completely and thoroughly enjoy working with them. I cannot recommend them enough. – Lucy & Jason J.