Interior Design for Small Spaces – A Good Space Plans Online Four Part Series – Part 2

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Multi Purpose Furniture for Designing Your Small Space

Furniture for small spaces has become the norm and much easier to find! Smart and creative multi use pieces make a huge difference when furnishing a small space.

Extendable Dining Tables – are not a new idea for small spaces 

Extendable Dining Table_ Good Space    

Anyone who remembers digging in the back of a closet or under the bed for those heavy wood “leafs”? Then you will appreciate a self storing dining table. There are wood and glass top options of expandable dining tables. Both styles have “leaf” storage integrated into the table itself. This smart table reserves your precious storage spaces like the closet and under the bed for better things.

Dining Chairs  – have more potential than you think…

Comfortable Dining Chairs_Good Space

Whenever possible we choose dining chairs that can also  be used as a task chair and living area seating. Chairs designed with accommodating or soft seats and backs with handsome upholstery transition from purpose to purpose and room to room seamlessly, and they don’t have to be huge to be comfortable. Chairs with low backs keep them from taking up visual space.

Dining Room_Good Space Project

That snappy trendy little chair that looks fantastic in a magazine or showroom… may not be fantastic for sitting through dinner and a movie or responding to all your emails. Summing up… a good dining chair is a worthwhile investment for your small space.

Next week: let’s go to the bedroom


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