Nocturne Bed by Ted Boerner

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In 2010 furniture designer Ted Boerner told the story of his Nocturne bed design at IDSWest. The Nocturne is a stunning, luxurious bed with a curved headboard that invites you to spend the whole day there.

Artists will tell you there is always the inspiration. The thing that moved them to create what they created. In his talk, it was evident that much of Ted’s inspiration came from his childhood years spent with his grandparents. The vivid imagery used in the story of their bed described a mattress deeply imprinted by  two people who had shared that spot for many years. It ultimately influenced the curved design of Ted’s Nocturne bed headboard.

The way that Ted told his story, I concluded that his grandparents had what I call a “family bed” philosophy. I was very moved by this and have carried his words with me since. I have a family bed. Simply explained my definition of a family bed is this: if the bedroom door is open then come on in, pile on and bring your book or blanket with you.

I have had the good fortune to not only meet Ted Boerner but to spend a fun and interesting evening with him. His warmth, charm and character are not only reflected in his furniture designs, but (I am sure) have been inherited from his beloved grandparents.

Ted Boerner furniture is available in Vancouver through Bloom; one of our favourite trade only showrooms.






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