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Spring cleaning Tips from the Home Experts

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Spring cleaning tips from the home experts


Longer daylight hours are finally upon us and the sunshine is (hopefully) here to stay. But, those gorgeous warm rays are going to highlight all the dust and dirt in our homes! Time for some spring cleaning tips from the home expert team at Good Space Plans Online!

We’re going to share some of our favourite decluttering and spring cleaning tips, and how you can incorporate Spring 2020 home decor trends into your home. 

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Cleaning tips for Spring

Spring cleaning can seem like a gargantuan task so many of us avoid it! Like any big task, breaking it down into manageable chunks can make a huge difference and helps increase the likelihood that we’ll actually do it. 

Here are some of our favourite tips to make spring cleaning easier this year:

  • Declutter first: Decluttering your spaces can make a quick, noticeable difference. Seeing how much cleaner your home can be when you get rid of things you don’t need, can be a great motivator to keep tidying and cleaning! That’s why we always suggest decluttering as our first spring cleaning tip. 
  • Use a checklist: Do you love the satisfaction of crossing stuff off your to-do list? Then make a list of everything you want to clean and check it off as you go along. Here is a handy spring cleaning checklist you can start with. 
  • Break it up: If your list looks too daunting, break it into chunks. You could do a few tasks every day, do it one room at a time, or group similar cleaning tasks together. 
  • Work top to bottom: Try to clean higher areas first. This way if dust and debris fall down, you won’t have to re-clean areas you’ve already done!
  • Consider green: When possible, consider eco-friendly cleaners for your home. A steam cleaner is a great, chemical-free way to clean sofas and floors. 
  • Hire help: Who says you have to clean your own house! Hire a reputable cleaning company to clean the things you don’t want to!

When you finish any big cleaning job, reward yourself! Maybe you can go out for dinner (as a bonus this means no dirty dishes tonight). Break open a bottle of special wine. Book yourself in for a special spa treatment. But of course, the BEST reward is just walking around in a clean, clutter-free home!

And, now that your home has been tidied and cleaned, it’s time to bring the Spring inside your home. Next, we’ll look at what spring 2020 design trends we’re expecting.

Spring home decor trends for 2020

Iona Drive Project

Iona Drive Project

Spring signifies rebirth and fresh starts and this year’s home decor trends are no exception. This session we’re expecting design trends that create new space for new energy and rebirth.

Here are some spring home decor trends from House Beautiful:

  • Pops of pink: Picking a bright accent colour is a great way to easily celebrate the season. This spring, we’re expecting pink to be a popular colour. It’s fresh, bright, and can be easily worked into your room as an accent pillow, throw, rug, or fun decor item. 
  • Pendant lights: Pendant lights have long been a popular home decor trend, but this season we’re going to see them in larger clusters. Perhaps you could add them around a traditional chandelier over your dining table. We’re also going to see more pendant lighting made from natural materials. 
  • Floral wallpaper and wall decals: We’re not talking tacky turn-of-the-century floral wallpaper, instead, look forward to larger floral patterns and designs. They are sure to become a great conversation piece at your next housewarming or party.
  • Neutral walls: If floral wallpaper is too loud for your style, then choose a neutral wall colour. It will stand the test of time and work with virtually any furniture and seasonal decor you bring into the room. 
  • Bird decor: Following in the natural and floral themes of Spring 2020, we’re expecting to see whimsical touches of bird-themed decor around the home. 
  • Rattan pieces: Furniture made from rattan palms add great natural-looking textures to your space. Look for Rattan furniture in either vintage or modern-looking designs based on your design style. 
  • Mixed metals: Don’t be afraid to mix different metal fixtures and hardware in your home. We’ve seen some great kitchens with miss-matched knobs and handles. To avoid too much chaos, pick either a finish, colour, or shape to be consistent, and then mix and match other qualities.

Sometimes after doing your spring cleaning, you may notice that it’s also time to buy new furniture for your home! 

We always love to support local and Canadian designers and manufacturers, so we recommend:

When you do choose to buy new furniture, be sure it can actually fit in your space. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had people come to us saying they bought a new sofa or dresser and couldn’t get it inside their home!

To avoid this, download our free guide to ensuring a smooth furniture delivery this spring. 

And if you need help to redesign and reimagine your new home spaces, contact us to book a Good Space Plan.

Why Good Space Plans Online E-design/ Online Interior Design?




Source: Gordon Avenue

So you think you can’t afford an interior designer?

Or maybe you don’t know one? Does the process intimidate you?  Are you worried you may lose control of your money and ideas? Not sure about online interior design? Or criticized for past choices in your home? Or…

Well then – let me tell you about online interior design services – or as we call it – Good Space Plans Online or “E-Design”. 


Many of us form our perception of interior designers from those home design shows on TV. Don’t be fooled though. They are so much more than how TV portrays them.

No matter where you live online interior design is a convenient, compassionate, available and affordable option to full-service interior design. All you need is a computer and an internet connection! 

We created our online Interior design service as an alternative and sometimes addition to our full-service interior design services.

Then what is full-service interior design?

In a nutshell, it is…


1. Project Planning

  • Get to know the client – their needs, style, priorities, lifestyles, budgets, dreams, and aspirations for their lives in their homes or workspaces.
  • Know their space – size, layout, limitations and assets.
  • Create drawings/plans and concept presentations for the client to visualize their completed space.
  • Get client feedback and input on concepts
  • Create final drawings and plans and put them all on paper ready for bidding and implementation.

2. Project Implementation and Bidding

  • Once the design work is on paper, the designer then manages/oversees the project to completion.

For construction, working with general contractors, trades and suppliers to ensure it all goes as planned.

For furniture, purchasing, coordinating and overseeing the storage, delivery and installation of all the furnishings of the project.

Full-service interior design on HGTV looks easy, spontaneous and inexpensive but it actually has several industry-recognized “steps” or responsibilities in the process to get to that reveal moment. 

It is a detailed process of communication, relationship building and focused attention.

It is not inexpensive because it takes a lot of time. Designers are paid hourly and/or percentages of the total project budget. Therefore, they take on a great deal of responsibility for their projects. Additionally, seeing projects to completion is an art in itself. For more on this check out the blog on Dwaina Sprague Interior Design on hiring an interior designer. 

Online interior design is the Project Planning


Online interior design is the Project Planning of the interior designer responsibilities and services. A good online design plan deliverable prepares you to do everything to create for yourself the HGTV Reveal equivalent. All the other steps to the “TA DA” reveal moment are left up to you. 

As a full-service interior designer, I love the experience of our clients having the reveal moment. It is incredibly gratifying and fun! With Online Interior Design, you get to have the gratification and satisfaction of it through the Design Implemented Yourself (DIY) process. We are delighted to support our clients in creating that for themselves through Good Space Plans Online.

The Benefits of Online Interior Design or E-Design


  • Benefits:

    • You can live anywhere and have an interior designer.
    • Are supported and guided through the creative process.
    • Pay designers for the planning process and you take on the implementation and bidding.
    • Buffer yourself from expensive errors in purchasing and implementation.
    • You are empowered when you purchase and implement it.
    • There is a fixed price for your plan.
    • Know exactly what to do and what your designer will do.
    • Decide when and how to implement your plan.
    • Meetings with your designers are easy and done by phone and screen share.
    • You can wear pyjamas to your meetings!
    • Your designer can also wear pyjamas to the meetings…

Fun fact: a one-room good space plan online is less than the purchase of one sofa that didn’t fit in your elevator…

Good Space Plans Online can help you create the home or office of your dream with our e-design services. Learn more about our online interior designer process and packages or contact us to get started. 

Good Space Interior Design Travels the Sunshine Coast

Case Studies

picture by vancouver online interior designer of sunset on sunshine coastI love spending time on the Sunshine Coast. We’re lucky to live in a province with so much natural beauty and space. I’m in constant awe and inspiration when I’m there. The freshness in the air, the endless expanse of the coast, the silence. All these things help inspire my interior design firm when I come back to the bustling city. 

My partner’s family has a cabin there. I have had the opportunity to go up every year for the past 6 years. We try to make it our annual routine to get out; each time I do, I explore something new. As an interior design firm owner I love exploring all the distinctive shops and restaurants as well as other natural sights. Check out our top 5 favourite things to do on the sunshine coast below.

beautiful interior designed sushi bar on sunshine coast

Courtesy of Sushi Bar Nagomi

1. Grab sushi at Sushi Bar Nagomi

This is the sweetest little sushi bar in Gibsons, with a fabulous layout and exceptional sushi. Being right on the coast makes sure that everything is fresh and all made in house. The owners are so lovely as well. The name, Nagomi 和味 has 2 meanings: The Japanese Kanji letters stand for authentic taste and its pronunciation means cozy and peaceful. This fits this sushi bar perfectly! Not to mention the interior design is stunning and so comfortable. 

Courtesy of Sunshine Coast Olive OIl

2. Stock up on olive oils at Sunshine Coast Olive Oil

A local favourite in Gibsons, this store has some of the most beautiful kinds of vinegar and oils ever. They let you sample everything and they offer so many fantastic recipes. My favourite would have to be the Lime Olive Oil and the face cream they make is heavenly. If you can’t make the trip, they also order online and do a wonderful job of shipping it safely to you. 

3. Next stop, the Elfinstone Rock and Gem shop in Roberts Creek.

I love this shop. They have some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and stones all made from local stones and gems. They also have a massive geode on display that gets used for festivals. It is so large the owner mentioned that it damaged an axel of the vehicle just transporting it! They also have crystal bowls and metal drums for you to try out. I highly recommend checking them out. 


4. Next, Sunshine Coast Wood Expo

We try to time our trips in September so we can all go to the Sunshine Coast Wood Expo in Sechelt. This is always the highlight of our trip. The artists every year just keep getting better and better. There is so much variety and beauty in everything that is created. My favourite part is hearing how each artist collects and gathers the wood they use in a sustainable way. They have some fantastic stories. If you can make it to the coast in September, you should make a trip to Sechelt for the wood Expo.

5. Finish up at Sunstone Gems & Jewelry shop in Sechelt

My recent passion has been making beaded stone bracelets and necklaces. This year I came across the Sunstone Gems & Jewelry shop in Sechelt. This store had some of the most well-curated beads and stones I have seen. Their price point is fantastic and you will leave with some beautiful pieces. 


I believe that as city dwellers it’s important to take time away from the hustle and bustle and center yourself in nature’s bliss. The people of the sunshine coast are kind and steady people who have a deep sense of community with each other. It’s these qualities that I try to bring to our wonderful clients of Good Space Plans Online. If you would like to read more about enjoying nature in style, check out our glamping blog here