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For the second year in a row the Good Space team won ‘Crowd Favourite’ in the annual Gingerbread house decorating competition at the Dirty Apron hosted by OE Investment Group! Our blue ribbon idea? A bird house which we named ‘Winging It’. The brainchild of our Creative Director, Dwaina, the Good Space elves Dwaina elected for team Good Space were Brent and Victoria. Thanks for a great evening with lots of candy, wine and healthy dose of Christmas spirit!

Dwaina, Victoria, Brent and with the 'Crowd Favourite' Bird/Gingerbread House

Dwaina, Victoria, Brent and with the ‘Crowd Favourite’ Bird/Gingerbread House


Author: Dwaina

I am devoted to making people love living in their homes. I have done that with absolute joy for most of my life and as a career for the past 20 years or so... I am a homebody – I do not actively seek adventure but I have had adventures. I believe home is the most sacred and important place in the world. I say I grew up on a farm – but I doubt technically it would qualify as a farm. Five acres – one milk cow – one calf - we ate them when they grew up, lots of chickens and a few pigs – we ate them too… I was that kid who dragged rugs and furniture out to the orchard and set up outdoor rooms. It mixed my two favourite things – outside and comfortable furniture. My friends and I would sleep outside in my “rooms”. It was magical because my ceiling was full of stars. I have lived in small houses, big houses, basement suites, cottages, condos and apartments. I have built and I have renovated houses. For a short time in my young life I was without a home – this changed me. I have lived with pets, wanted and unwanted – rodents are unwanted… I have lived in a house richly full with the raising of my four children. I have had the tremendous joy of my children carrying my grandchildren into my home. I have had my home become an “empty nest” and my life shrunken and shattered with the loss of my beloved husband. Home and my people there have always been my comfort. It does not matter where home is, it only matters that you are in it and that you find comfort there and that is why I do what I do.
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